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The Kilmahew Estate was acquired by the Kilmahew Education Trust in July 2019 and Comenius Associates will be the commercial face of the Trust.

The Estate contains 140 acres of semi ancient woodland, a Scheduled Ancient Monument in Kilmahew Castle and the iconic RIBA Awarded Grade A Listed St Peter's Seminary Complex. The Kilmahew Estate was once a Victorian Estate owned by a wealthy industrialist and the remains of Victorian Walled Gardens and Lodges are still to be found on the Estate.

Comenius Associates will be tasked to create the Welcome Centre, the Interactive Exploration Station, explaining the Brutalist Complex and the Incubation Hub, enabling local businesses to rent spaces. We will also be developing the Seminary Buildings into an Animation and Film studio, The Education Block into a Teaching and Core Professional Development space and the Convent into a Financial Hub. 



The Kilmahew Estate 


Argyll and Bute


January 2019

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