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Laying on Grass


In 2006 we were asked to consult with the Earth Trust to devise a sensory and educational garden for their recently acquired site.

The garden would primarily be used for school visits and their main aim was to encourage children of all ages and abilities to interact with nature.

We devised a series of gardens that flowed into one another and allowed multi level interactions. 

The Wallonia Regional Development Agency and a British team designed a waterfront destination hub for the Coronmeuse district of Liege. The idea was to combine the disparate needs of a riverside Rainforest themed tourist attraction with a Green Transport Hub, an Expo centre, a sustainable shopping centre, public plaza spaces and a football stadium. We provided consultancy into the visitor experiences across the whole site, the design and functionality of the shopping areas, the plaza and the football stadium concourse, to provide a family friendly atmosphere. Comenius Associates also provided all the financial modelling for the Coronmeuse Site.

The seed investors of were interested in creating a stylish, British Homewares brand to develop their e-commerce portfolio.

Comenius Associates created the brand Dilly Dilly for the investors and devised the look, brand bible and stock for the shop and online. 

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